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Updated: 4/30/10

Retired from the military since 2004 with an 18 year old son and 6 year old daughter. They were both born in Feb but 12 years apart! I was a Hospital Corpsman with a specialty in Environmental Health/Preventive Medicine. Finished my BA and started on my Master's in Public Health.

Started scrappin' again after spending enough money on scrapping material to support a small country! As a hoarder, it's hard to let go of your stuff!

Important days:

03 Feb : My son A's birthday
27 Feb : My daughter Z's (SNOX) birthday
30 Jun : Retired from the US Navy in 04!!
11 Sep : My birthday

Album size? 8 x 8, 12 x 12 and love to play around with mini albums!

Color choices? I have to choose just a few? Ok, let?s start with the rainbow! Alright... pink and purple!

Kids? Two ~ A and Z

Pets? 2 Cats (Two-Face and Midnight) and 2 New Guinea Singing Dogs (Alpha and Beta)

What kind of layouts are you going to be working on in the future? I think the question should be ?What kind of layouts will you NOT be working on?? as the list would be shorter!

Do you have a sizzix? Yes (and a Quickutz) and a CRICUT

Which dies? Lollipop lower case, SHADOW BOX: Upper, lower, numbers and punctuation, medium size tags, luggage tag (2 sizes), neeat little envelope and library pockets dies

Do you like cute stuff? It?s ok if the occasion calls for it!

Heritage? Absolutely!

Do you use diecuts? If the theme calls for them.

Lumpy or not lumpy? lumpy

Anything you won't use? I'll try anything!

Favorite designers? Rebecca Sower, Karen Foster, Basic Grey, SEI, Daisy D's, Rusty Pickle, the list goes on....

Anything you are wanting to try? Using the MM alphabars!

Eyelets? Absolutely!

Brads? Oh yea! I?m a brad-a-holic!

Nailheads? Never used them.

Pins? Just started

Metal? Yes

Stickers? If they?re cardstock or already embellished. Can?t stand the generic older stickers you can buy out of gumball machines.

Do you stamp? Occasionally

Chalk? I have enough chalk to coat an entire house but haven?t really used a lot of them.

Ribbon (unprinted/printed)? Yes

Patches? Depends

Metal clips? Yes

Wooden embellishments? Yes

Library pockets/cards? Oh yea!

Buckles (metal/plastic)? Yes

Twist ties? Huh?

Twill (unprinted/printed)? Sure

Fabric? Been playing around with some recently. Love the texture and way it sits on a page.

Bottlecaps (plain/printed)? Yes

Rick Rack? Yes

Canvas embellishments? Yes

Color washes? Never heard of them.

Walnut ink? Oh yes! All of the Rusty Pickle inks are awesome!

Liquid chalk ink pads? Is this the same as above?

Acrylic paints? Haven?t try them yet but would like to.

Foam stamps? They rock!

What is your favorite type of item to make? Tags

What is your least favorite type of item to make? Nothing

Do you use journal boxes on a regular basis? Yes

Do you use borders on a regular basis? No

Do you use titles on a regular basis? No

Do you use embellished tags on a regular basis? Yes

Do you use paper piecings on a regular basis? Yes

Do you use shakers on a regular basis? No

Do you use deco squares on a regular basis? Just started!

Do you use serendipity squares on a regular basis? Again, just started!

What is your greatest scrapbooking weakness? Finding the time to scrap! I make an appointment with myself and something ALWAYS comes up!

What is your favorite paper theme (i.e., floral, stripes, plaid, fun themes, solids)? Heritage, vintage and anything with some character to it!

If you'd like to know a little more about me but afraid to come right out and ask... you could always visit my blog at Just plug in the name "sisterblonde" (without the parenthesis) where it says search, then username.

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